Kitchen Cabinets — Right Wood or Wrong Wood?

You might be wondering what wrong wood is, but never worry, there is no wrong wood there is only a wrong decision which you might make unless you read everything that is about to follow.



In an exhaustive survey conducted by Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine (K+BB), it was deduced that Maple is the most used wood for constructing kitchen cabinets with a share of 42 % and cherry standing second at 21 %.


There are many more options of wood that you might want to choose from regardless of what the surveys are predicting. We will present here a short list of all these wonderful options ranging from the dark woods for a premium look as well as light toned ones for an ambient aura.



Maple: What makes Maple the topper is its durability and endurance to withstand the harsh kitchen environment. These take on stains quite gracefully and are not very costly.


Oak: The traditional choice of American kitchens. Liked for its tenacity against elements of nature, Oak has become synonymous with kitchen cabinets across Europe and America. The grains and natural patterns of the wood can be enhanced with stains to make it look even prettier.


Cherry: Another popular choice when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Cabinets made of these are usually available in rusty red or brown shades. The grains of the wood are regular and constant which makes them the favourite among cabinet makers too.


Pine: An economical choice if you have a rustic kitchen. The wood has a perceptible grain pattern and a light tone. Knots in the wood make it a perfect companion for tiled walls and bright contrasting counter tops. If you have a modern kitchen, you might want to look at the other options.


Birch: Good for facings and inexpensive stock cabinets, birch wood is not a great choice unless saving money is your top most priority. Birch is horrible with repainting or staining endeavours.



Hickory: Chosen for its hardness and linear grains, hickory is really a good option for kitchen cabinets. It is perfect for kitchens with rustic or traditional themes.


Now that you have been reminded of all the options at your disposal, we believe you will find the right wood for your kitchen cabinets.

Let’s Choose the Best Counter Top

Counter tops enhance the functionality, work space and overall looks of the kitchen, when all these are enhanced there will be a proportionate rise in the value of the kitchen as well. If you have not already made the necessary change, you should do so now with us beside you.


Counter tops come in quite a few colours and they can be bought in any size or shape you want to. You can install these during renovation or remodelling to lend a custom look to your kitchen and have some style flowing in your kitchen décor. We will now talk about the options that you will come across while choosing the right material, they are in fact chock and block and have price tags that will suit the king as well as the pauper.


Granite: Upscale kitchens strive on these; they are durable, stylish, colourful and expensive! There is no dearth of textures or natural patterns to granite counter tops. If you get one of these, you will have to reseal them. These are powerful stain magnets and will get dirty with a little ignorance.



Marble: Another one of those costly options that we like. It has all the qualities of granite except that it is a little weaker than it. However do not worry about it breaking or cracking unless you like banging your utensils like a Neanderthal! A little wiping and cleaning will keep it prime and healthy; you might also want to reseal it once in a while.


Tiles: If you want a colourful counter top get tiles. You can get these in your favourite colours and choose from literally hundreds of patterns and designs. Metallic, stone and ceramic tiles are some of the common and popular options, however there are glass tiles too. Maintenance is much lower with tiles but you will have to be gentle with heavy utensils. 


Laminate: The most inexpensive and prone to damage are laminate counter tops.  These withstand moisture quite well but heat makes them warp out of shape. Do not worry about colours or designs, they come a dime a dozen.


Wood: For those of you who like white elephants, this is the perfect choice. If you make sparing use of your counter top or have a dedicated care taker to baby-sit your counter top, buy these. These are premium counter tops and will make your neighbours go green with envy!


Concrete: These will cost you slightly more than you might imagine, having said that, concrete counter tops are easily maintained and are available in many colours and textures. Take a little care about heavy appliances and these will last a lifetime.

Complimentary Handles for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Did any one of us ever imagine that handles could be so important that without these the kitchen looks incomplete? We have people coming to us for advice regarding kitchen upgrades and we always advice them on getting new handles for their cabinets without fail. These complete the purpose of kitchen cabinets; a cabinet without proper handles is like an aeroplane without wings!


Now the task gets uphill from here on. Just picking anything for as little money will never do. You have to earmark a part of your budget and pick the best in terms of material, price build quality and looks. Normally, you would choose something to match the colour of your cabinets. If you have white or black cabinets, be sure to pick handles that are of highest quality because they will stand out conspicuously against the background.


Just drive to the local hardware store and you will have a plethora of options in size, shapes, colours and materials. I got confused with gold painted ones and brass handles which had a brushed finish. You also have options of wood, plastic and nickel handles in curved or rounded shapes. You can get those metallic ones for 6 dollars or the plastic ones which are available at around $3 a piece.


I got one piece of every style and finish and brought them over to my kitchen to actually see which one looked best on my cabinets. These do not cost like Ferraris so get a few to get the feel, once you decide the best among all, buy as many as you like.



Are Counter Edges Making You Edgy?

Recently, I found myself in the predicament of choosing the best and budget friendly counter top edge for my newly upgraded counter top. I have white cabinets so I decided to go with dark granite counter top to bring out the beautiful contrast. You must have something equally pretty or even better, but are you stuck just like I was, trying to decide which counter top edge will be the best for the looks? Let me help you out.


Most of us are bound by strict budgetary limits and we have to make the best out of it that was true in my case as well. I found out that Bullnosed and straight edges were the two most financially viable options for me, which would also compliment the beauty of my counter top.


If you have classic or modern kitchen cabinets and a matching counter top to go with it, then you do not need to look further than bullnosed edges. These are round and smooth, good for granite counter tops, just like the one in my kitchen. However, be warned that the labour cost of crafting these will raise the price tag!


Straight edges are for those of you who want to save on the labour expenses and prefer clean lines to smooth curves. The harmony of these with granite counter tops of modern kitchens is worth appreciating and people are opting for these for their relatively lower costs.


For me, bullnosed edges did the trick. It might be different for you depending on which one suits your tastes. Take a look at both of these before you settle on any.

Adding Finishing Touch to White Kitchen Cabinets

White Kitchen Cabinets adorn quite a few house in every neighbourhood, taking care of all the needs within the kitchen. These have been around for more than a couple of decades and despite the popular misconception associated with the maintenance of white kitchen cabinets, more and more families are going for these. The reason behind increasing sales  is protective finishes that are becoming standard in these cabinets.



A more durable and smoother alternative to paint is thermo foil, a thin membrane of vinyl is industrially fused onto the surface of white cabinets which augments the looks to quite an extent and makes maintenance a child’s play.


Staining is another, albeit a costly alternative. The process of staining raises the price of cabinets, but the final looks of a stained cabinet is beyond comparison. If you want regal looks then price should not be a dissuading factor.


If you want a cost effective option then stain repelling paints are the best. These impart a homogeneous look and will last long too.


There are a lot of options to choose from and depending on how much you want to spend white kitchen cabinets are available in different looks and functionalities. DirectBuy is an ideal place to start looking if you want to own beautiful cabinets without paying a hefty price.

Displaying Dinnerware With Inbuilt Plate Racks

Plate racks are perfect for displaying kitchenware in a presentable manner, these are much better than hutches and shelves for the obvious reasons of organization and space frugality, not to mention the ease of displaying.


These are available in two-tiered or one-tiered versions with several options of build materials and sizes. Plate racks can be made of the material which is used for the overall construction of the cabinets or it can be a different material crafted in a different design.


These are highly effective and will make the job of displaying kitchenware easier. Consider  buying cabinets with plate racks inbuilt.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets For a Beautiful Kitchen

Cherry wood has been favoured traditionally across Europe and America since ages. American furnitures and wooden artefacts were primarily made of cherry wood because the wood is conducive to carving with simple tools and takes any shape the carver wants.


Cherry heartwood can be either reddish or brownish with slight hints of yellow, green or pink sprinkled here and there as well as frequent knots which can be exploited for artistic effects. Heartwood forms as a result of chemical metamorphosis which makes it hard and shiny. Softer sapwood is a shade of creamy white.


Cherry wood is truly versatile when it comes to adorning a traditional kitchen or a modern one. Its durability and superior looks have made it the wood of choice and there is no reason why you should not choose it too.